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Marital Moments

This  Marital  Moment, and  for the  coming  weeks, will  deal with  this  important topic: "Have You Left Your First Love?" Revelation 2:4 will be the bases for this series of thoughts on marriage.   In that passage of the Bible, it states that, "Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love".  Christ sadly points out to the Church at Ephesus that they had lost the most prized possession: their love for Him.  They had all the appearances of being a happy Church.  They had buildings, Bible doctrine, discipline, plenty of activity, and dedicated and committed people, but they had lost their love for Christ. Everyone that observed that Church thought everything was just perfect inside those four walls. They looked good, sounded good, and acted good but something of great importance was missing deep inside.  Thirty years before Revelation was written, Paul had commended this Church for their love in Ephesians 1:15. Now their love was gone.  Only a shell remained of the vibrant love they had exhibited years ago.  This text exemplifies the terrible condition of many marriages today. Five, ten, twenty, or forty years ago it could be said about your marriage that you had abundant love in your home.  People would talk about the love you and your spouse displayed in your marriage.  Today it is a different story.  You still remain together, share the same table, bed, house, car, Church, TV, and living room but you are no longer madly in love with each other.  You have lost the closeness, excitement, thrill, and enjoyment that characterized your marriage in days gone by.  Everyone thinks you are alright and you keep up a good appearance before them but your smiles and laughter only mask a heart that is broken and  hurting. Perhaps you have yearned for the love you had yesterday.  You long for the freshness and joyfulness that filled your heart as you experienced those days of first and exciting love.  You desire your marriage to be alive, vibrant, and thrilling. Have You Left Your First Love?  Over the coming weeks I will look at four major topics as I apply this important text, not just to a Church, but to your home and your marriage. The main thoughts will be built around four words either found or implied in the text.  These are Remember, Repent, Return, and Reward. Let's start with the word Remember.  Rev. 2:5 states, "Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen".  The thought implied in the word "remember" is to keep on remembering. To be ever mindful of something. What do we need to remember?  A)  Remember Your First Love.  Remember when love was at its best. Those first tender moments of love. Remember the days when you could not stand to be away from each other.  You talked for hours. You wrote love letters. You expressed your love in varied and numerous ways.  You were polite to each other.  You looked lovingly into each others eyes. Your were kind and considerate. There were no harsh, angry words.  You sought only to please each other. You brought happiness into the relationship. Joy, peace, and contentment were constant things in your home. You expressed love continually, constantly, and unconditionally.  Everything was just perfect.  You did not have much but you had each other.  You had love and that was the glue that cemented your relationship together.  This is what Christ bids this Church to do.  Remember what you use to have and get back to doing that once again.  The word love used here is the highest expression of love found in the Bible.  It is sacrificial love.  Love that is unselfish and unending.  That is the kind of love you need in your marriage.  If you ever had that kind of love then remember it and get back once again to experiencing that love.  If You Have Left Your First Love, then Remember what your love use to be and determine to establish it.

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