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Marital Moments

As we continue to think about "Peace In The Home",  I want to focus once again on  the text  verse of  Philippians 4:7.  That wonderful  scripture  states that,  "The peace of God,  which passeth all understanding,  shall keep your  hearts and minds through Christ Jesus".   It is my honest belief  that most people want to have peace both  in  their  hearts and  in  their homes.  These two  important  places  must  ex-perience  peace if we are to enjoy  the life God has given us to live.  I have already noticed in previous  Marital  Moments that  to  have peace in your home  you must Put God First  In Your Home  and you  must  Focus On The Really Important Things in your home. Today's  topic will focus on this important thought: To have peace in your home you must Release The Past.  In  Philippians 3:13  Paul makes an  interesting statement when he says,  "Forgetting those things  which are  behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before".   The word forget means to neglect.  Forget in this  Biblical passage means to  no longer be  influenced with  or affected by  the past.  You and  I are not able to forget by putting things out of our mind.  We will  always have a conscious  memory of the  beautiful moments of life as well as the  terrible times of life.  However, we can chose no longer to allow the past  to influence the  present moments of  our life.  Perhaps  Hebrews 10:17  can help us with this thought. There the Bible states that,  "Their sins and iniquities will I remember no more".  God is not having a bad memory lapse. God is saying I will no  longer  hold their sins against them.  Their  iniquities will  no longer affect  their standing with Me or  influence my attitude toward them. Now I know that you and I are not God.  Neither do we possess His great depth of love, mercy, compassion, and grace.  Yet we must make the difficult and sometimes painful choice to release the past and to forgive the  offending person.  Perhaps  all of us have things  in our past that we had rather forget or leave in the past.  Sadly the skeletons in the closet rattle loudly in night.  Some past sin that was committed that haunts you.  A failure in your life. Harsh words spoken in haste. A bad, terrible deed done that today you deeply  regret it  with all your heart.  Perhaps  you are the one that has been sinned against.  Someone  has  cheated  on you,  lied about you,  abused you,  abandoned you, or divorced you and  you find it extremely painful to  think about or to  forget about and go on with your life.  These things are just some of  the painful  memor-ies  that lie uneasy in your heart and rise unmercifully into your conscious thoughts on a daily  basis.  However,  you  must  release the past.  You  cannot  change  the past  no matter how much  you wish  it could be  changed or  done away  with  al-together.  The  past will  always  be there.  But you can  do as  Paul  did in  Philip-pians 3:13 you can chose to neglect the past and not allow it to influence or control you  in the  present. You  must  stop  living in the past.  Stop dragging up  the past. Stop  pointing to the past.  If  it is confessed to God and  forsaken then go forward with God's  good  help.  Make a determined decision to release the past.  Let go of all  the sin and iniquity,  all the hurt,  pain,  sorrow,  anger, and  bitterness.  Let  go of all  the wrongs done. The bitter words said.  Remember, no matter what yester-day was  you can rise  triumphantly  today.  You  don't  have  to  live in  the  past. Listen to the words of Ephesians 4:32, "Be ye kind one to another,  tenderhearted, forgiving  one another,  even as God  for Christ's sake hath  forgiven you".  If God has forgiven you  then live as a forgiven  son or daughter of God.  Forgive yourself of  the wrongs done  in the past.  The wrongs you  have committed that  have hurt your  spouse  or  family  then  sincerely  and  honest  apologize and  seek their for-giveness.  Remember,  if  you would  have  "Peace  In  Your  Home"  you  must Release The Past.

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