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Marital Moments

Today  I will continue with  the topic of  "Peace In The Home".   You will  recall that I stated that  Peace In The Home  begins when you  Put God  First In Your Home. The second thought about Peace In The Home is to Focus On The Really Important  Things.    In Philippians 3:4-6 the Apostle Paul list all his  accomplish-ments  in life.  But  in verse  number seven  he gives them  all up  in order to  have Christ.   He readily  recognized that Christ was  more important  than all  the world had  to offer.  Therefore,  he chose to  focus on the important things.  He gives  up the good  in order to gain  the best.  Paul knew  that if he tried to do everything  he would  be stressed out  and he would accomplish very little. He would spend all his time dealing with the minor things of life and let the major ones go undone. That is exactly what the family must do.  The family must  focus on the eternal.  Focus on the lasting.  Whatever is meaningful when the end of life comes.  You must deal in priorities.  Your family can do and accomplish a lot of things  but what are the best things?  The lasting things?  The things that the children will remember when Mom and Dad  are gone.  Now, what are the  really important  things?  Obviously,  God must  be a  top priority  in your home!  Spending  time  together  is another priority (This can  include  play time as well as work time).  Eating  together should be im-portant to your family.  Attending events that are important to your children should be a priority.  Providing  your children with  stable  parents  who  are in  love  with each  other and  in love with  the children must be a  top priority.  These  are just a few of the important things that your family must be focusing on each day.  To  do this we  must constantly  ask ourselves this question:  Am I  doing what is  best for my family?  Are my priorities in order when it comes to my home?   Do I  focus to much on work and give my family the leftovers of my life?  Do I focus to much on trying  to obtain a spotless  house that I  forget to make  a home?   Am  I guilty  of seeking a perfect lawn at the expense of my children's freedom to play in the yard?Is the family's schedule  filled with to many  school or  Church activities?   The list could go  on and  on naming the many  activities that take up the  family's time and lead to the  family's  failure to focus on the  really important  things of the home.  I must  point out  that what is  a  priority  for  your family  may not  be one  for  my family.  I  do not care for fishing  but  your family may  thoroughly  enjoy the time spent on the rivers  and lakes fishing.  Each  family must  decide on the  things that are important  to  them and  then focus their  time and  talents on  achieving  those priorities.  I  believe it  will pay  huge dividends  for the home.  Remember,  if  you would  have "Peace In The Home"  you  must Focus On The Really Important Things of  life.

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