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Marital Moments

Today I will begin a new series on "Peace In The Home".   Philippians 4:7 states, "And the peace of God,  which  passeth all  understanding,  shall keep  your hearts and minds  through Christ Jesus".  Verse 9  continues this  thought by  stating that, "The God  of  peace  shall be with you".   These  verses will be  the bases  for our thoughts on the important matter of peace in the home.  Peace is a word that  does not seem to fit in our modern world.  Few institutions enjoy continual peace.  How sad that so many people neither practice nor experience peace.  Of all  the places in the world  that should  have peace is the home.   John 16:33 declares that,  "In  the world you shall have tribulation".  In light of  this Biblical truth,  your home should be a castle into which you flee to escape the turmoil and pressure of the world.   If your home does not have peace then both you and your home are miserable. Your home and  your marriage must be an oasis in the desert of life.  A clean  spot in an otherwise  dirty world.   Home must be a  place you enjoy  coming to  and a  place you look forward to being because of the  peace and quietness  that is found there-in.  Therefore,  you must ask yourself this question: Do I have peace in my home?If not, why not?  And if  not today,  then when will you  enjoy peace?   The world may be  filled with trouble  and tribulation  but your home  can be filled  with love, peace,  joy,  kindness, and  happiness.   To have a home that is peaceful you must Put God First In Your Home.  In Philippians 3:8 the writer states that, I count all things  but loss for the  excellency of the knowledge  of Christ  Jesus my Lord:  for whom I have suffered the loss of all things,  and do count them but dung (rubbish), that I  might win Christ".   Paul,  the writer,  made Christ  number one  in  his  life. Everything was garbage to him in comparison to the knowledge of Christ.   A  right relationship with Christ will produce  peace in the heart, and  peace in the heart will produce peace  in  the  home.   The  "peace of God"  comes  as  a result  of having "peace with God".  Peace with God can only come when one accepts Christ as His Savior.  Romans 5:1 states,  "Therefore,  being  justified  by faith,  we  have peace with God  through our  Lord Jesus Christ".   All sin is confessed and  forsaken and prayer is  offered unto  God.  The  Bible  is read,  studied,  and  practiced  in  your life.  When your heart is out of fellowship with God, your life is miserable. Nothing works  right.   Isaiah 48:22  boldly states  that,  "There is no peace,  saith the Lord, unto the wicked".  However, Isaiah 26:3 declares that, "Thou will keep him in per-fect  peace, whose  mind is stayed  on thee,  because he trusteth in thee".  I do not think one would do damage to the word of  God to briefly replace  "him"  with  the word  "home".  God will keep the home in  perfect peace.  God  will keep both the person and the home in peace when the individual and the home walk in obedience to His  laws and  precepts.  The only way there can be  Peace In The Home  is for the  members of  that home to have  both  the peace of God  and  peace with God. Keep  in mind  that the peace of God  does not exempt  you from problems  but  it will  provide  peace  in spite of  the  problems of  life.   Remember,  if  you  would have  Peace In The Home  then  you  must  Put God First In Your Home.

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