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Marital Moments

In  this section  of  Marital Moments, I will  conclude the thoughts on "An Honor-able Marriage". Previously, I gave you three things about an Honorable Marriage: The Meaning Of An Honorable Marriage,  The Characteristics Of A  Dishonorable Marriage, and  The Qualities Of An Honorable Marriage.  I will focus today on the Qualities of  An Honorable Marriage.  If you  would highly  value and respect your mate and set  him or her on a pedestal, you must possess some sound principals by which you conduct your life. Notice the qualities of an honorable marriage.  (1) An Honorable  Marriage Is One In Which  Both Husband And Wife Give Them-selves  To  The Lord.   In  Romans 12:1 God  ask that "ye present  your  bodies a living  sacrifice,  holy,  acceptable unto God ".  No  marriage can  ever  be  what  it should  be until  both  partners give  themselves to God.  God ask  not only for our souls that He might save them  but  He also ask for our bodies that  He might keep us from  sin and all its consequences.  In our bodies  is where the  old sinful nature resides. The evil desires, passions, and lust.  God wants us to give Him everything. He desires for  us to live right at all times,  in all places,  and among all people.  He ask that we place our all  on the altar.  To surrender our lives to Him.  His desire is that  we might pray,  read our Bibles,  worship, and attend Church with our family. The  closer we are to  God and the more our lives are  surrendered  the greater the potential  for a successful and  peaceful  marriage.  Always  keep in  mind that  sin destroys.  Sin  has consequence  and  it  tears  homes  apart.  (2)  An  Honorable Marriage Is One In Which You Appreciate Your Differences.   Romans 12:4-8 states  that the  body of Christ  contains many  members and  each  member  has a different function.  All  Christians have a job  to do for God but not all believers do the same thing. We are different by design. Aside from the obvious and visible  dif-ferences we must understand that we think differently,  we see the world different-ly,  we have different levels of compassion,  mercy,  kindness, and love.  We have different physical needs,  different desires,  hopes,  dreams,  and ambitions.  Often these differences  create arguments. We are two different individuals  struggling  to function  together as a  unit.   If  we were just alike in thought,  word, and  deed  it would  be an  exceedingly  dull  world.  Instead of focusing  on our  differences we should work  together to  accomplish  greater  things  together then  we ever  could apart or  alone.  (3) A Honorable Marriage Possess Genuine Love.  In  Romans 12:9  the Bible says, "Let  love  be without dissimulation".  Love  must be genuine. The word  "love"  in the  Greek  language  is the word  agape.  It is  unconditional, unending,  and sacrificial  love.  It is love without hypocrisy.  It is love that will not let you go.  It  never thinks of  separation or  divorce. This kind of  love centers on the needs and welfare of the one loved and will pay any price whatever,  however, and  whenever it is needed.  Genuine love  seeks only  good for  the one loved.   It never  tears down or  destroys.  It builds up and  edifies. (4) An  Honorable Mar-riage Is Patient In Tribulation.  Romans 12:12 states that we should be, "Patient in  tribulation".   This  verse is  mainly speaking  about  tribulation  associated  with being a Christian.  However,  I would like  to apply  it to  the  marital  relationship. Each marriage will have trouble,  pressure,  pain,  sorrow,  sickness, aging parents, and  job pressures.  It will experience family problems and  financial pressures.  As believers we are called upon to be patient  in tribulation.  We don't give up and quit when  troubles  come.  We stay together and  work  our way  through the  difficult times.  Divorce is not an option.  All of us have heard stories of a husband or  wife who walked off during a time of crises in the family.  Your problems can drive you apart  or drive you  into each  other's arms.  The choice  is yours.  In  the difficult, trying  times you must  love each  other more,  communicated more,  and seek the help and advice of someone who is able to help you. (5) An Honorable Marriage Will Meet  Each Others  Needs.  In Romans 12:13 we are commanded to "Distri-bute to the  necessity  of the saints".   If the Bible requires  us to do  that for  other believers,  how  much  more  must  we do  that  for our  husband  or  wife?   Each partner  has needs.  Individual needs that they cannot meet alone.  They need their spouse to meet those needs for them.  You should do everything in  your power to meet every legitimate need of your  partner.  Don't withhold  anything  that  would help your  mate.  (6) An  Honorable Marriage Will  Dwell  Together In  Unity. Romans 12:16  states,  "Be  of the  same  mind one toward  another".  As  married couples  we  must have  the  same  mind  about  things  in life.  Unity in the  home drives away the arguments, the independent steaks within us,  and the angry words and  pouting  attitudes.  Unity  gives  strength to the  marriage.  And  unity helps to overcome the world,  flesh  and  the devil.   Without unity your home will fail.  An Honorable  Marriage  is  certainly  obtainable  but  you  must  constantly  work  to achieve that goal.  Give  your  marriage your  total and  undivided  attention and  it will  pay  rich  dividends in  the  days to come.

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