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Marital Moments

For the past few weeks I have  been  focused on  "Becoming One"  in the marital relationship.  This  Marital  Moment will  look  at the last  part of  this lesson:  The Delighting In Oneness. Genesis 2:24 states that  "A man shall leave his father and his  mother,  and  shall cleave  unto  his wife  and  they shall  be one flesh".  God's design  has not changed.  He expects  both  husband and  wife to work  together in order to accomplish and enjoy oneness  in their relationship.  It is the most benefic-ial arrangement for the marriage.  Let's look at four benefits of becoming and being one  together.  (1) The  Benefit Of Accomplishment.  The benefit of  two people planning,  working,  pulling together,  striving  together is astounding.  Team  work pays great dividends.  The mutually satisfying efforts of both wife and husband are immensely  rewarding. They work together.  Play together.  Live together.  Raise a family together. Grow old together.  An interesting story was told about two strong horses  that  could  individually  pull  4,500 pounds  each  making  a total of  9,000 pounds.  However,  when they  were teamed  together they  could collectively  pull 12,000  pounds.  Working  together in  the home  accomplishes far  more than one partner ever  could  alone.  (2)  The Benefit  Of A  Mutually  Satisfying  Sexual Relationship.  When you become one  in all areas, the sexual relationship takes on a  meaningful and  joyful experience.  Where  there  is the absence of oneness, this relationship  is greatly  hindered  or completely  stopped.  The  sexual  side suffers. You s truggle to make it  work and  more than  likely it is constantly  disappointing. By fulfilling your obligation as a husband / wife  you enhance this most intimate of relationships.  Oneness creates  satisfaction.  Each  one seeking  to satisfy first  the other, it always produces  the greatest  joy.  (3)  The Benefit Of Companionship. Oneness  creates an  unbreakable bond that enjoys  the sunshine and  weathers the storms of  life. The Bible states that  Adam lived  930 years (Gen. 5:5).  I  suppose that Eve  lived almost that  long if not longer.  They enjoyed the companionship of each  other for many  years. They shared  life with  all  its  ups and  downs.  They went through  some trying and  difficult times  together and  still  remained  faithful (Gen. 3 & 4).  The marriage  survived. They  were best  friends. They  looked out for  each other. They helped each other overcome defeat, discouragement, despair, and they enjoyed the victorious times together.  (4) The Benefits Of God's Bless-ings.  In Genesis 1:22, 28, 2:3, and 5:2 we find that God pronounced His blessings on Adam  and  Eve.  Whatever  and whoever God blesses is  blessed indeed.  God honors  a  marriage  that is  operating  according  to  His  commands and  precepts. When  God  sees  a  wife and  husband  who  are  living  in  harmony,  love,  trust, commitment, and godliness, then  He bestows upon them  His greatest and  richest of  blessings.  He  gives them  His  benefits,  bountifulness, mercy  and  protection. Blessed  is the  marriage that  honors  God and  "Becomes One" with  each other.

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