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Marital Moments

I  will continue the  thought of  "An Honorable Marriage"  by once  again  giving you  the text verse from  God's word.  The Bible states in  Romans 12:10  that  we are to  "Be kindly affectioned one  to another  with  brotherly  love;  in  honor pre-ferring one another".  If  God  gives us a  command to honor other  believers  how much  more should you  and  I honor our marriage partner?  You  will  recall that I gave you  three main  points found  in  this lesson: (1) The Meaning Of An Honor-able Marriage,  (2) The Characteristics of  A  Dishonorable  Marriage, and (3) The Qualities Of An Honorable Marriage. Today  I will focus on the second thought  of this  lesson:  The Characteristics Of A Dishonorable Marriage.  I will do this by looking  at  verses  found  in  this  Biblical  text.  (a)  A  Dishonorable  Marriage  is fashioned  after the world.  Romans 12:2  states,  "And be  not  conformed  to  this world".  The word  conformed  means to the fashioned alike.  It denotes union and companionship  with  the world.  The world seeks  to influence the  home  via  the Internet,  TV,  movies,  books,  and  magazines. To many marriages are letting the world shape  and  mould them rather then  allowing  God and  His Word  influence them.  The world  plays down  the importance  of marriage,  it  promotes a  casual attitude toward  promiscuous sex,  it plays down the value of  mothers and fathers, and it encourages divorce.  When one or both of the  partners have a desire for the world, the marriage  is in trouble.  God said  for believers  not to be  conformed  to this world.  (b) A Dishonorable Marriage is filled with pride.  Romans 12:3 declares that  "every man is  not to think of  himself more  highly than he  ought  to  think". Sadly, to many marriages are made up of individuals who look upon themselves as being  the most  important human  in the world.  They  think  that  the world,  and especially  their spouse,  only exist to serve them and to make  them happy.  Their entire focus is on their needs,  time, pleasures,  hope, and desires. A person's pride could only  account for this kind of  attitude.  Those people have an overly inflated view  on their importance.  They are  selfish and  self centered.  The text is correct when  it says that one  should not think to  highly  of himself.  (c)  A  Dishonorable Marriage  is filled  with  hypocrisy.  Romans 12:9 quietly says,  "Let  love be with-out dissimulation".   In  others  words  let  love be  genuine or real.   Not  everyone is  genuine.  Some people are just  hypocrites.  They  are merely  acting  outwardly something  that  they are not  inwardly.  They are one way at Church,  in  front  of family,  friends, or  neighbors,  and  another  thing  entirely at  home.  They can be friendly  and  kind in public  but in private the can be  ill,  angry,  crude,  sarcastic, and sinful.  Pity the  home  that has  a  hypocritical  member.  (d) A  Dishonorable Marriage  is overflowing with evil.  Romans 12:9 says,  "Abhor  that which is evil". Evil  is destructive,  wicked, and  harmful.  It corrupts  others.  It  is  just sinful be-havior.  Evil can be manifested in three ways.  1- Evil  Thoughts.  Thinking  ill-will toward  others.  A  smoldering  resentful  wrath toward someone.   2- Evil  Words. Biting  sharp  criticisms,  angry words  spoken in haste,  or words that put down or make  fun of  your  mate are  just a few examples  of  evil words.   Ephesians 4:29 states, "Let no corrupt communications proceed our of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying".  Verse 31 of that same text says, "Let all bitterness, and  wrath, and clamour and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice". 3- Evil Actions.  Engaging in sinful conduct. Doing things you know are wrong and displeasing to God.  (e) A Dishonorable Marriage is one that is lazy. Romans 12:11 says, "Not slothful in business".  The word  "slothful"  means to be  lazy or to pro-crastinate.  Pity  the home where one  or both  partners are  lazy.  When this takes place  the family  suffers.  Therefore, the house is unkempt or the yard work is not done.  The  meals  are  not  cooked,  the  clothes are not washed,  the  trash is  not removed,  the  beds  are unmade, and  the  cars are  not  maintained.  The  time  is spent in front of the  TV  and important task are ignored.  One area in which being lazy  is  extremely  costly  is  the  family finances.   Failure to  guard  carefully  the money usually  results in deep  trouble.  The individual  is simply  to lazy  to plan a budget, reconcile the bank statement, or  make  timely payments  of monthly  bills. These things cause  many  marriages to be  dishonorable at best  and dysfunctional at  worse.  One should do all that they can to see that these  traits  are not found in their  marriage.  A quick inventory should be made of your  home to  see if  any of them are  present in your  house.  If  so,  they should  be quickly removed and one should  ask  God  for  help  in  replacing  them  with  good  and  godly  attributes.

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