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Marital Moments

This  Marital Moments  article  will focus  on a new  topic  I call  "An  Honorable Marriage".   The text  will be found in  Romans  12:10.  There  the  Word of God states,  "Be  kindly affectioned  one  to another  with brotherly love;  in honor pre-ferring  one  another".  God  has given  us  a  command  to  "honor"  those  in  the family of  God.  If we  are to honor  those with whom we go to  Church with each week  how much more  do you think we should honor those with whom we  share our  lives with  in  holy  matrimony?  In  I Peter 3:7  the  Bible commands the hus-band  to "give  honor  unto  the  wife".   Eph. 5:33  the  wife  is  "to  reverence her husband".   In I Timothy 5:17  the  elders  are  to  be  counted worthy  of  "double honor".   Also in  I Timothy 6:1  we find that  "servants are  to give  honor to  their masters".  (Today  we  would  refer  to  this as  employees  giving  honor  to  their employers.)   As you can readily see, we have a tremendous responsibility to honor each other in the Christian world.  This same responsibility is placed upon us in the marriage  relationship.  In fact,  God will hold us accountable for the way in  which we  honored  our  mates.   In  discussing  this  topic,  I  will  focus  on  three  main points:   (1) The  Meaning  Of  An  Honorable  Marriage,  (2) The  Character-istics of  a  Dishonorable  Marriage, and (3)  The Qualities Of An  Honorable Marriage.   I will begin by presenting  to us  the  Meaning Of An Honorable  Mar-riage.  In an Honorable Marriage  We Value Our Mate.  The word  "honor" means to  value.  To  place  a  great price,  weight, or  significance on  someone or  some-thing.   Seven  times in  the  New  Testament  the  word  is  translated  "price".  In I Corinthians 6:20  the  Bible  states,  "For you are brought with a price".   God  so highly  valued us that  He paid a  great  price  for  us.  We are to value our mate as being someone of great price.  He or she must become to you a  priceless treasure. Such  a  "treasure" would  be closely guarded,  protected,  and  placed  in a special place of  honor.  When I  honor my  wife / husband  then  I  place  great  value on them.  They  are  special  to me.  I  value  her / him  so highly  that  I willingly and knowingly  give my all  to the relationship.   Matthew 6:21 states, "For where  your treasure  is  there  will  your  heart  be  also".   An  honorable  marriage  is  one  in which both  partners are wrapped up heart and soul in the relationship because that is  where their  heart is.   In An Honorable Marriage  We Respect Our Mate.   The word  "honor"  also carries the thought  of esteeming  someone.  To respect  them. As an object of great value they are to be treated with kindness and respect. When I honor someone I show genuine appreciation and admiration for them.  In  a court of law you would address the judge  as  Your Honor.  This is done  out of  respect for his position.  A wife or a husband must be treated with such thoughtfulness and respect.   We  must  show  appreciation  to  them  often.  We  must  talk  to  them respectfully.  We must state our  admiration for  them.  We must show our respect by  our conduct  in front  of  them. We must  encourage others to  express to them respect  and  honor.  Of course  one must  be honorable if  he / she is to be treated with  honor  and  respect.   In  An  Honorable  Marriage  We  Elevate  Our  Mate. Notice the word  "preferring"  in Romans 12:10.  The word  means to go before or to  lead.  To be  placed out  in front. The word  does not  mean to place  ourselves out  in front,  or to regard ourselves to be one of great  importance,  but rather  the placing  or elevating of our  husband / wife  forward in  all that  we do.  We are  to think  of them  first and  foremost.   Everything we do  we must stop  and consider how it  effects  them.   Will they be  helped or  hurt by my  words or  my  actions?Do I build  her up or  tear her down?  Our mate is to be number one all the time in our  life.  We must  place them  on a pedestal  of honor and do all  that we  can  to help  them  to  become  greater  and  better.   Remember,  if  we  would   have  an Honorable  Marriage  we must value,  respect,  and  elevate our mate.

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