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Marital Moments

I  have been  focused on  the  subject of  "Becoming One"  for several  weeks by looking  at  the life and marriage of Adam and Eve found in Genesis 2:24.   I  have focused on the  topics  of  the  Designing Of  Oneness and  The Developing  Of Oneness.  In this Marital Moment, I will draw your attention to the thought of The Damaging Of  Oneness.  Although  oneness was designed  by God and developed over time by married couples, it can be greatly damaged by simple mistakes. Adam and  Eve literally had  everything going for them and yet they ruined it by mistakes and failures.  The following  thoughts indicate how  they managed to Damage The Oneness of their relationship.  (1) By  Listening To The  Advice Of The Enemy. Genesis 3:1 states  that  the  "serpent was  more subtil  than  any beast of  the field which the Lord God had made".  The word  "subtil" means  to be  cunning, crafty, or to be clever.  With crafty, clever words Satan slowly eroded the happy home of Adam  and  Eve.  By listening to  Satan and following  his  advice you can  destroy your  home.  Satan will  always  try to  get you to do anything and everything con-trary to the principals of God's word.  Whenever you partake of his foolish notions you always pay the consequences both in your heart and home.  God instituted the marital  relationship and  Satan  always  seeks to  distort or  destroy anything  God created. (2) By  Allowing Your  Fleshly Desires To Control  You.    Genesis 3:6 states that  "when the woman saw that  the tree was good for food, and that is was pleasant  to the eyes, and a tree  to be desired  to  make one wise,  she  took of the fruit thereof".  Eve allowed  her passions to control  her behavior.  Your flesh must be  conquered if  you are going to  have a secure and  happy home.  You must not allow  your fleshly and  worldly  appetites to dictate your  behavior.  The flesh will destroy you.  It will  make a  fool of you.  The believer's responsibility is to say no to  his  flesh and  yes to God.  Without God's  help  you will  never  overcome  the passions  of  your body.  (3)  By  Refusing  To  Take  Responsibility For  Your Actions.  When God  called Adam and Eve to account for their deeds, neither one wanted to admit  their mistakes.  In fact they both  blamed someone  else  for their failures.   Adam blamed Eve, and she blamed the serpent for the sin they had com-mitted(Gen. 3:12-13).  You  will  never  succeed when  you blame  others for your mistakes.  Sadly, too many people  want to blame their spouse for their sins.  They try to deflect  the guilt  onto  others whenever  they  fail.  You are  living  in denial whenever you think  you can transfer your  sins to another.  God  will hold you ac-countable for your own sins.  Taking  responsibility for your actions is the first step toward  forgiveness and reconciliation.  Proverbs 28:13 states that, "He that cover-eth  his sin shall not prosper: but  whoso confesseth and  forsaketh them shall have mercy".  When you fail, admit it and  move forward.  Take  responsibility for your actions.  (4)  By Failing To Communicate With Each Other.  In  Genesis 3:1-6, Eve's conversation  with  the serpent did  not  include Adam.  How much different would  the outcome have been  if only Eve had included her husband in the discus-sion?  Failure to communicate with  him  cost her more than  she ever dreamed.  A world of  problems could  be  avoided  if only  husbands and wives  communicated with each other about the complicated issues of life before any actions are initiated. Communication  solves a multitude of  problems.  Remember, if  you would  "Be-come One"  then  you  must avoid  anything and  everything  that would  Damage Oneness.

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