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Marital Moments

In this Marital Moment I will  continue on with the topic  of "Becoming  One" by looking at  The Developing Of Oneness. The Bible states in Genesis 2:24 that, "A man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh". Becoming One is a life long process that takes much time and effort if it is ever achieved. I have already given you two thoughts  on the Developing of Oneness  but  permit  me  to  briefly  restate  them again.  (1) You  Become  One By  Disconnectin  From Things  That  Hinder  Oneness.  (2) By Meeting Each Others  Needs You  Develop Oneness.  Lets  continue on in our study of this im-portant topic. (3) By Becoming Transparent To Enhance Oneness. Genesis 2:15 declares that, "They were both naked, the man and his wife, and  were not asham-ed".  The word  "naked" implies more than just  the absence of clothing.  It implies that  they had  no  hidden areas,  no hang-ups,  no embarrassments,  and no  fears. They were  totally transparent. Thus they  had  unrestrained freedom. They shared all  of  life together. There  was  nothing  covered.  Nothing held  back  from  each other. There  were no scars  and no skeletons  in the closets. When sin entered the picture it created shame, guilt, fear, and self-consciousness. Sin begin to chip away at the oneness that Adam and Eve enjoyed.  Sin will always destroy the  close love and  fellowship between  husband and wife. As you become one flesh you begin to break down  the wall  of separation.  You become open and  transparent with each other. Transparency  takes  time, effort,  and  much discipline.  It does not happen over night, but  it  can become the  norm for your marriage  with a lot  of effort on your part. (4) By Conquering Problems That Destroy Oneness. Your home has lots of  problems  that would  conquer  and destroy.  These must be  identified and eliminated  if you would  have a  successful marriage. Entertainment, people, debt, work schedules,  laziness, anger, out of control emotions all combine to destroy the home.  Be diligent and guard  carefully your home.  It is too important to allow the problems of life to hinder, conquer, and destroy your marriage. ( 5) Be Commited To  A  Life  Long  Process Of  Learning  To  Become  One.  A couple does not leave the  marriage altar  automatically one flesh. It is a life long process of learning and caring  that  enables you  to  become one.  Make this  a priority  in you  home. Take the  time and  effort to  develop  this oneness.  It pays  great  dividends.  Re-member:  If you would  "Become One" you must be Committed To Developing Oneness.

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