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Marital Moments

I  will conclude  these  thoughts on "Developing A Strong Marriage" by focusing on this topic: A Commitment  To Share  Intimacy.   The Bible states in  Genesis 2:24, " And they were  both naked, the man and his wife, and  were not ashamed". This important  area of  the marital  relationship  must not be overlooked,  abused, abandoned, or  ignored.  Happy is the relationship that develops the  satisfaction of true  intimacy.  The word  "naked" simply  means to lay bare.  The  thought  is not just the  absence of clothing, but  the ideal of  no  hidden areas.  No hang-ups.  No embarrassments.  No fears.   There was total transparency.  The complete absence of self consciousness.  This gave Adam and Eve  unrestrained freedom emotionally as  well  as  physically.  The  absences of  sin created this  environment.  How dif-ferent today.  Scared, blinded, and engulfed by sin, humans struggle to relate freely and openly with each other. Therefore,  intimacy becomes a frustrating struggle.  It becomes  a mixture of  embarrassment, selfishness, and unfulfilled  dreams and de-sires.  God did not intend intimacy to be this way.  You will notice in Genesis 2:22 that God brought them together.  In Genesis 1:27 it was God that created them and His created beings were made with the potential to be stimulated, aroused, and able to enjoy to the fullest the complete expression of sexual delight.   A strong word of caution is needed at this point.  Intimacy must be reserved for, and engaged  in, the bonds of holy matrimony.  It is a God given relation that is  exclusively for the hus-band  and wife:  male  and female.  Sexual  relations  outside  of  marriage  is  both morally,  martially, and Biblically wrong.  It always creates problems beyond mea-sure  when it is  engaged in outside of the marital  relationship. God  gives this  de-lightful  relation  to  the  husband  and  wife  to  be  enjoyed  and  shared  together. Intimacy must not be one-sided.  Both husband and wife must find the relationship enjoyable.  It must never be forced, withheld, bargained for, or abused.  God  gave some awesome advice on the marital relation in  I Corinthians 7:2-5.  In verse 2 we find that it is to be within the marriage relationship. Verses 3-4 state that  it must be unselfish affection with each other.   And in verse 5 it is to be uninterrupted except by mutual consent.  These very  important  verses  need to be studied  carefully by both  husband  and  wife.  Remember,  if  you  would  "Develop  A  Strong  Mar-riage" you must have a  Commitment  To Share  Intimacy.

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