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Marital Moments

In  this final  section on  "How To Have A Happy Home"  I  will  finish  with  the Relationship  Between  Parents And  Children.   I have given you four essential truths on a happy home.  A Happy Home has Leadership,  Involvement,  Security, and Relationships.  This last thought will focus on Ephesians 6:4. The Bible  states, "And, ye  fathers  provoke  not your  children to wrath:  but  bring them  up in  the nurture and  admonition of the Lord".  The words  "provoke  not your  children  to wrath"  suggest for us a constant pattern of wrong attitudes and practices with your child  that  slowly  builds up  resentment  and  anger.   You  can  do  this by  being unloving to you child,  unreasonable in your demands,  unrestraint  in your punish-ment,  and unrealistic in  your rules and regulations. Children  have thoughts,  feel-ings,  fears, dreams,  hopes, and likes and dislikes just like their parents.  They are not simply  objects  for  you  to bully,  ignore, or  beat on  all  the  time.  They  are children created  in the image  of God and therefore are to be treated with love and respect.  They are growing up in a confused  world and  they need  your guidance, discipline, and  supervision.  You can provoke them to wrath by several things that you do.  (1) You can show favoritism to your children and provoke them to wrath. (2) A constant  barrage of  discouraging  words that  put them down and  never lift them  up.  (3) By pushing  them  to  achieve  in  things  they  don't  like  or  enjoy. Encourage  them  but  don't  over  pressure  them  to excel  in  things  they  fail  to appreciate.  (4) Failure  to  do  what  you  tell  them  you  will  do.  Breaking  your promise.  (5)  Making them feel like an intrusion in your life.  That  you wish  they had never been born.  (6) Incorrect or  overly harsh  discipline.  (7) By physical or verbal  abuse.  These are just a  few ways in which you can provoke your  child to wrath.  Parents  must  model good  behavior  in front of their children.  They must encourage them to memorize  verses in the Bible and they must teach them how to pray. Of  course,  you  must be doing these things  yourself  if you ever  expect  to impact  your child  with  Biblical  knowledge.   The words  "bring them  up  in  the nurture and admonition of the Lord" suggest for us that a parent must be providing both  discipline,  correction,  and  education.  A  careful  reading  of  Deuteronomy 6:4-9  will give you God's  advice on the  spiritual education of your children.  The key to this is found in the phrase, "in the Lord".   Everything you do for your child must be done "in the Lord" by keeping in mind that God is watching you, He holds you responsible, and that  He will ultimately judge you on how well you conducted yourself with your offspring.  You  must  do  these  things  today.  You never get a second  chance with  your child.  You  must  do it  right  the first  time.   Susannah Wesley, the mother of Charles and John Wesley, who had seventeen children,  had these words to say about raising children:  "The parent who studies to subdue  self-will in his child works together with God in the  renewing and saving of a soul. The parent who  indulges it does the devil's work,  makes religion impracticable,  salva-tion  unattainable,  and does  all that in him lies to damn his child,  soul,  and  body forever".  Remember,  if you  would  have  A Happy Home  then  you  must  have the  proper  Relationship  Between  Parents  And  Children.

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