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Marital Moments

Today  we  will continue  our  installments  on  "How To Have A Happy Home". You  will  recall that a  happy  home  has  four very  important  concepts  that  are essential  for the home to be a happy one:  Leadership, Involvement, Security, and Relationship.  In our last Marital Moments segment we focused on Relationships In The  Home.  I gave the first of  three thoughts  on Relationships which started with the Relationship Between Husband and Wife.  Today  I will continue  on with  this lesson  by giving  you the  second point  on Relationships.  (2)  The  Relationship Between  Children And  Parents.   Ephesians 6:1-3 states,  "Children,  obey your parents  in  the  Lord:  for this  is  right.  Honour  thy father and  mother (which  is the  first commandment  with  promise) that  it  may  be  well  with  thee and  thou mayest live long on the earth".  In this text  obey has to do  with the  child's actions and  honor has to do  with the  child's attitude.  The word  "obey"  means to  listen attentively  and  to  respond  positively  to  what  is  heard.  Children  are  to  place themselves under the words and authority of their parents.  Children who constant-ly  have their own way  will soon  mock the authority  of their parents,  the school, the employer,  and ultimately  God's authority.   If he is made to mind  then he will grow up to respect both his parent's  and other's authority.   A child is born a rebel. He has a sin nature.  He or she  must be taught  by  their  parents  to  obey and  to have  respect  for  their authority.  Notice  two  important  truths  in  these  verses. (a)  Ephesians 6:1  states that  to obey is "right".  That is,  it is exactly  as it  should be.  A child does not know what is right.  He must be taught.  A child just naturally rebels against  authority and he  must be trained  by his parents  how to obey.  It is "right"  for the child,  his parents, and for his God that he be both taught and made to obey the voice of authority.  Proverbs 22:15 states that, "Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction will drive it far from him".   Proverbs 19:18 states,  "Chasten thy son  while there is hope,  and let  not thy soul spare for his crying".  Teach your child early in his life what is expected of him and what are the consequences  if he disobeys.  You can bend a young tree to your will, but you will  never  bend  an older tree.  It will  break before  it bends.   I  have  lived  long enough to appreciate the loving  discipline of my parents.  They taught me  to obey at an early age.  The simple lesson  of obedience that Mom and Dad taught me has paid huge dividends in my life down through the years.  (b) Ephesians 6:2 says that honor  is  "The first commandment with promise".  This is  taken from  Exodus 20 where God gives the Ten Commandments.  It is the fifth commandment.  It boldly declares that if a child will honor his parents then  "Thy days may be long upon the land  which  the Lord thy  God giveth thee".   A  child  that  is rude,  disrespectful, rebellious,  and  unloving to his parents will  find a difficult path ahead of him.   He usually  gravitates toward the wrong crowd,  he rebels against all authority,  and  in some cases ends up in jail simply because he failed to honor is parents. Our society has produced a bumper  crop of children that are  restless and ruthless and who are determined  to do their  own thing  in life.  These children  become the juvenile de-linquents of our day.  However,  a child that loves,  honors,  and obeys his parents will consistently enjoy a more stable life, a more joyful life,  and a more successful life.  An important truth must be stated:  If you want to be a parent that is honored then make  certain that you  are an  honorable parent.    Remember,  if you  would have a happy home then you must build a strong Relationship Between Children and  Parents.

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