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Marital Moments

One of  the most important  thoughts  associated with "Developing A Strong Mar-riage"  is  A  Commitment To Develop Unity. Genesis 2:24 states  that, "There-fore,  a man shall  leave his father and his mother,  and  shall cleave unto  his wife: and they shall be one flesh".   It is that thought  "one flesh"  that I want to focus on for  this  Marital  Moment.   Becoming  one flesh and  developing  unity  does  not happen  over night.  The  very thought itself  suggest a process.  Two  people  with very different backgrounds,  temperaments,  habits,  scars,  feelings,  parents, edu-cational  pursuits,  gifts, and  interest  simply do  not leave  a wedding ceremony in perfect unity.  It  is that  moment that  the unity process is just beginning.  Further-more the sharing of the same house,  dinning table, and bed does not automatically bring two people into unity.    It takes a great deal of time and a whole  lot of effort to bring two very different individuals into  perfect harmony.  Although it is a  slow and  sometimes painful process,  it is defiantly  worth the effort.  It is God's design for the marriage relationship.  It should be the goal of every marriage.  The follow-ing  thoughts give us  some simple  directions on how  to obtain  unity in the home. (1)  Unity  comes  when there  is  a deep  desire to  have  unity  in  the  home.  (2)Unity  is  developed in a  climate  of  unconditional love  for  your  husband / wife. (3) Unity  results from  dedicated and  diligent work on your part to get  along with your  mate.  (4)  Unity  is  a  by  product of  faithfully serving  and  obeying  God.  Unity must not be mistaken for uniformity.  Uniformity occurs in  donut shops and car assembly lines.  In our text in Genesis 2, God brought Eve to Adam not to be a female Adam, but  to be distinctly unique and  different from him.  God did,  how-ever,  expect them to dwell  together in  unity.  Psalms 133:1 gives us an important thought.  There  the  Bible  says,  "Behold,  how  good and  how pleasant  it is  for brethren to dwell  together in unity".  If  it is good for  believers it  is  also good for husband and  wife.  God  expects  no  less from  our  homes.  Remember,  If  you would  "Develop  A Strong  Marriage"  then  you  must  be  Committed To De-veloping Unity  in your  home.     

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