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Marital Moments

We have discovered  in our series on "How To Have A Happy Home"  that  such a home possesses  four awesome qualities: Leadership, Involvement, Security, and Relationships. Today lets look at Relationships.  If your home is to be an enjoyable one then you must develop Relationships In The Home. Lets begin by looking at the  first of three Relationships that  every home needs.  (1) The Relationship Be-tween  Husband and  Wife.   Ephesians 5:33  states that,  "Nevertheless let every one of you in  particular so love his wife even as himself; and the  wife see that she reverence  her husband".  This verse  gives  us  two important  ingredients that  are essential  for the  relationship between husband and wife:  love and  respect.  I find it interesting that Ephesians 5  does not  command that the  wife love her husband. The passage  strongly demands that the husband  love his wife even as Christ  also loved the  Church and gave  Himself for it.  If a husband loves his wife he not only brings  joy to her, but he also honors  God in  the  process.   However,  I sincerely believe that the wife's love for her husband is defiantly implied in the text.  Without love  there will  never be a strong and vibrant relationship between the husband the wife.  Love is the foundation of the home.  It is the binding  force that holds every-thing together.  It is the live blood of any marital relationship.  Love  enables one to overlook the faults and short  comings of the other partner.   As  I Peter 4:8 states, "Love shall cover the  multitude of sins".   I would suggest  that you carefully read  I Corinthians 13  to gain a working knowledge of God's concept of love.  Love will enable you to build a  stronger and more stable  relationship in your marriage.  The second ingredient for Relationships Between Husband and  Wife is respect.   There must be mutual respect for each other in the marital relationship.  The husband and wife are  to put each other  on a pedestal.  They  should  admire each other,  speak well of  each other,  and honor each other.  You must always build  each other  up and never seek to destroy each other.  Respect goes a long way toward making the marriage an  enjoyable one and an  enduring one as well.  Of course,  for one to be respected  he or  she must  be respectable.   You must often  express  verbally and meaningfully  your love and respect for each other.  Remember, if you would have a happy home  then you must  work very  hard on building a strong  Relationship Between  Husband and  Wife.

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