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Marital Moments

Another  important topic  in  "Developing A  Strong Marriageis this great truth: There  must be  A Commitment  To  Stay Together.  Genesis 2:24 says, "There-fore  shall  a man leave  his father and his mother and  shall  cleave unto  his wife." The word  "cleave" means to  glue or  to cling.  Marriage is  an institution  in which both  husband and wife  must be  totally  committed  to cleave  to each other  until death separates  them.  They  must  be glued  together in a bond so  strong  and so tight that nothing but death can  dissolve the relationship.  Sadly, too many couples enter into marriage thinking they can walk  away whenever they please. The prom-ises  that  were  made at  an altar  often  become  meaningless  to  this  generation. Marriage vows  are  being interpreted  to mean  until disagreement  do us  part,  till debt do us part, or till  someone more attractive  do us part.  This was never God's intentions.  God's  design  for  the  home  is  that  both  husband  and wife  remain together in holy  matrimony all the days of  their life.  To do less is to disagree with God's word  and to rebel  against  His commandments.  I  realize that  man's sinful and depraved nature often creates conditions in which marriage becomes a difficult if not impossible situation.  The  safety concerns for either  wife or husband neces- sitate the separation, or perhaps the  dissolving of  the marriage.  When  questioned about  divorce in  Mark  chapter 10:2-9  Christ  recognized that the  law made pro-vision for  divorce because of the "hardness of your heart".  However, Christ  once again stated God's position by repeating the words of Gen. 2:24  when He declared that one  must "cleave unto his wife".   He goes on to  state that,  "What  therefore God  hath joined together,  let not man put asunder".   God's position on divorce is very clear.  He  intends  for  husband and wife  to remain  together.  Someone  has well stated that, "There are two  processes  that must never be started prematurely: embalming and divorce".  If your  marriage remains together you must place strong emphases on  cleaving to each other.  To do  less  is to fail  in  this most  important area of your life.  Remember,  if  you would  "Develop A Strong Marriage", then you  must have  A  Commitment  To Stay  Together.  

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