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Marital Moments

In today's Marital Moment, I will continue on with the topic of  "How To Have A Happy Home".  You will recall  that I said  that a happy home has  four important ingredients: Leadership,  Involvement,  Security, and  Relationships In  The Home. This lesson will focus on  Security In The Home.  Ephesians 5:31 states,  "For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother,  and shall be joined to his wife,  and they  two shall be one flesh".  In  this verse  I find that there  must be  Security In The Permanence of Marriage.   The word  "joined"  in verse 31 means to glue or to be permanent.  You will recall that Ephesians 5:31  is taken from  Genesis  2:24 and it is also stated in  Matthew 19:5.  God determined in the Garden of Eden  that the husband and  wife should remain together forever. To be  "glued"  together for life.  In other words, God  intended that  marriage  be permanent.  God stated  it in Genesis,  restated it in Matthew's gospel, and reaffirmed it again in Ephesians 5:31. All  throughout time  God has indicated  again  and  again  that marriage  is to  be a permanent  relationship of the  husband  and wife.  God goes  so far as  to state  in Malachi 2:16  that  He  hates divorce.  Now  there is security in the permanence of marriage. The partners know that  they will always be there for each other and that they are faithful,  committed,  trustworthy,  and  consistent.  They also realize  that divorce is neither threatened nor carried out.  Therefore, the  husband leaves home each day  knowing and trusting  that his wife  will be there  when he comes  home. His  relationship with  her is such  that he can apply  Proverbs 31:10-12 to his dear wife.  There the Bible states that,  "Who can find a virtuous woman?  for her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her,  so that he shall  have no need of spoil.  She will do him  good and not  evil all the days of her life".  The wife also needs the "awesome security" of knowing that  her husband  is coming home  and that he will  always  be there for her.   Not only should there be security  in the  permanence of marriage, but there  must also be Security  In  The Permanence  of  Parents.   The  children  are  tremendously  blessed  when  both mother  and father are permanently secure in their marriage.  The children have no fear  of their parents  divorcing.  Mom and dad will  always be there with them and for them.  They  will be there  when they come  home from school,  from play,  or from staying  with their friends.   What indescribable comfort  that brings to a child to know that his parents will always be there for him. One of the great fears a child has today  is that  their  home will be  broken by  divorce and the  family  scattered from one place  to the other.  The children  are often forced to chose which parent they are going to go  with when the home disintegrates.  Give your  children a great gift:  the  gift of a  stable home that  comes  from a  stable marriage.   Not  only must  mother and father remain together, but they must also provide a home that is free from fussing and fighting.   Screaming and  shouting in the home rips the heart out  of  your children.  They don't understand it  and they are  traumatized  by  the constant attacks  and  battles  of their parents.  If  you  must fight  like dogs in  the home  at least  have the  kindness to get  a baby sitter for your children so that you do not  permanently  scar them by your repeated arguments.   You are doing  great damage  to  your kids  when  you are  constantly  fighting  in front  of  them.   The home desperately  needs the  committed  permanence of  both the  parents and the marriage.  Remember, there is Security In The Permanence of Marriage.

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