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Marital Moments

In this segment of Marital Moments I will continue on the subject of  "Developing A  Strong  Marriage"  by looking  at this thought:  A Commitment To Focus On Each Other. Genesis 2:24 states that,  "Therefore shall a man leave his  father and his mother".  In order  for the relationship  to grow and  flourish, the cord  must be cut  with parents.  To leave "father and mother"  is to break the parent child  bond. To sever the relationship that provided security, protection, financial assistance and physical needs. You  must now transfer  all these to your mate.  You must look  to your wife / husband  for  all  the things your  parents once  provided for  you.  De-pendence upon and  allegiance to your mate  must be your number one priority.  If the cord is not cut  between you and your parents then  your wife or husband must compete with your in-laws. I am not suggesting that you abandon, ignore, mistreat, or  cut off  all contact with your  parents or  other in-laws.  That  would  be neither advisable nor  practical.  You must always  remember that the  Bible commands us to  "Honor thy  father and mother which is the  first commandment with promise". Obedience to your parents  ends  for all  practical  purposes when you  get married but honor to your  parents never ends.  Not only must you  sever your dependence on  your parents when  you get  married but you  must also be  careful about  your relationship  with friends.  A  marriage needs  a lot  of  attention and  often  friends demand a lot of your  time and energy.  Your marriage  must be your top  priority. Saying no to a friends invitation is not being  unkind but sometimes  it is the wisest and  greatest thing  you can do in order to spend time  with each other.  For a mar-riage  to grow  you must  also  be careful  about an  overloaded  work  schedule.  I realize that work is a  vital part of existing but you must  guard careful the time you spend with  your mate.  Another  area that  consumes a large block of  your time is sports and sports related activities. Too much time spent with these  endeavors can take valuable time away from  your home.  Entertainment  must be  carefully sche-duled and guarded to avoid the habit of investing to much time  with TV programs, movies,  books, and magazines.  These things  are important and  have their  place but they must not  consume all our  time and effort.  The top priority in  any home must be  God and  family.  If you are  willing to put these things first and foremost in  your home,  then  both you  and your marriage  will  reap  huge  dividends. Re-member,  if you would "Develop A Strong Marriage", you must make  A  Com-mitment  To  Focus  On  Each Other.

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