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Marital Moments

In this  Marital Moment I will begin a  new series entitled, "Becoming  One".  In a world  that  prizes  individuality  God  promotes  the  concept  of  oneness.  People today pride themselves on self-improvement, self-promotion, self-esteem, and self-satisfaction.  God  takes pleasure  in two individuals  becoming one.  Merging  their lives  together into  the  "oneness"  that God  intended for  them  is  His design.  In Genesis 2:24 states that, "Therefore  shall  a man leave  his father and mother, and shall  cleave unto  his  wife: and  they shall be  one flesh".   The word "one" means unity or  to be  united.  God  intended for  Adam  and  Eve to become one in  their marital relationship.  This "oneness" is far more than the sexual relationship.  It im-plies that  husband and wife are  merging their  lives into  each other and  losing in-dividual  ideals that block or  postpone God's  workable concept of  becoming one. Let's  begin  by  think  about the  Designing Of  Oneness.  Obviously  God  is the designer.  Becoming one is His pattern for marriage.  But why did He promote this concept as  the  ideal  condition  for  husband and  wife?   Let  me  give  you  four thoughts  on this topic. (1) God  Designed Oneness To Fill An  Inward Void  In The Heart Of  Humanity.  In Genesis 2:18 God said that  "It is not good for  man to be alone".  In  the Garden of Eden, Adam was surrounded by all kinds of things. Adam enjoyed  the  daily presence  of God,  he knew  and  named all the  animals, and,  perhaps he experienced angelic beings.  However, these beings could not  and did not vanquish the awful feelings of loneliness.  There was no other human being with  which  to share his emotions,  his thoughts,  his  life,  his  love, or  his  heart. When God created  Eve, she perfectly filled the void and longing  of Adam's heart. Genesis 2:18 says  that  Eve became Adam's "help meet".    One suitable  for  him. One corresponding to him.  Eve would provide the missing pieces of  the puzzle of Adam's  life.  (2) God Designed Oneness To Create The Best Environment For Raising  Children.  In  Genesis 1:28  God  commands  them  to  be "fruitful,  and multiple, and  to  replenish(fill)  the earth".  Children  are a natural  product  of  be-coming one flesh.  Some  children are planned  but most are surprises.  The major-ity  of  them  are loved and  wanted.  However, some are unwanted,  abused,  and abandoned.  The  home where mother and  father are  united  together in love pro-vides  the  best and  safest  place in  which  to  raise  a  family.  Dysfunctional  and broken  homes create  untold problems  for  children.  In Genesis 1:11 we find that everything produces "after his kind".  Dysfunctional parents  produce dysfunctional children.  Broken homes produce broken hearts and more broken homes.  Develop and  practice oneness  in your  home.  It  pays  great dividends. (3) God Designed Oneness To Protect Marriage From Self-Destruction.  Genesis 2:24-25 gives us God's  plan  for  humanity  in  the sexual  realm:  heterosexual,  monogamous  love within the  boundary  of  the  marriage  relationship.  Sex  is  perfectly  normal and permissible in marriage.  Sex outside of the  husband and wife relationship destroys both  heart,  home,  health, Church, and  the nation.  The  husband or  wife that  is unfaithful destroys the marriage.  Far to many  homes are broken today because of the  immoral  sexual  appetite of  the husband or  wife. The  marriage that  remains faithful  and  committed  stands  a  greater  chance  of  surviving  rather  than  self destructing. (4) God  Designed Oneness To  Insure  The  Well  Being  Of  Both Husband And Wife.  In Genesis 2:23-24  the Bible states that  "This  is now bone of my bones,  and  flesh of my flesh".  Verse 24  declares  them to be  "one flesh". Whenever  you  view  your  husband / wife as  being  your own  flesh you  greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the harsh stabbing words,  pouting, anger, and  abuse  that often  erupts  in the  home.  Ephesians 5:28-29 states that, "So ought  men  to love their  wives as their own bodies.  He that  loveth  his wife  loveth  himself.  For  no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the lord the  Church".   Each  person tends to take good  care of his or her own body.  You feed it, clothe it, warm it, protect it, and provide for it.  Therefore, when you think of  your husband  or  wife  as being  your  own flesh you go to  any length to meet whatever  need that you possible can.  You  are  concerned about  their well being. Remember, God  is  the designer of oneness in the marital relationship. Do all  you can  to see that  His design  is instituted in  your heart and in your home.

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