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Marital Moments

"Developing  A Strong Marriage" must  be  a top  priority  for every  married in-dividual.  It must be a  major priority for those who are planning on getting married sometime in the future. Without  this commitment  your marriage will  be mediocre at best and totally miserable at worse.  I am convinced that  God did not intend for the home to be a place of  misery and failure.  God's plan  for the family is that the home  might be a little taste of heaven on this earth.  An oasis in the  desert of  this world. As we continue our discussion of "Developing A Strong Marriage" I want to focus on this important thought:  A Commitment  To Avoid  An Involvement In Sin.  In chapter three of  Genesis we  find the awful reality of sin.  For the  first time sin had  invaded the world  and touched  the human race.  Prior to this  Adam and Eve had experienced and enjoyed a marital relationship without the destructive force  of sin.  They lived in a  prefect  world  where  sin had never  reared  its ugly head.  Now sin has stained the lives of the first humans.  Sin with all its shame and guilt now became  part of the  first family.  What a tragedy.  Instead of the  perfect love  and  relationship  that  existed  between Adam  and  Eve  before, now  comes division and disappointment. Before sin came they had never experienced disagree-ment,  broken  fellowship,  or  harsh  words.  Now  Adam  is blaming  Eve  for the condition in which they find themselves in because of sin(Gen. 3:12).  How strange this  must have  been to  those  who previously had  experience  only beautiful har-mony and love.  But sin  always creates division.  As Isaiah 59:2 states,  "But your iniquities have separated between you and your God,  and your  sins  have hid  His face from you,  that He will not hear".  Sin not only breaks the fellowship between you  and God, it also  destroys the  relationship  between  husband and  wife.  God only knows  how many  homes  have  been broken  because of  sin  and  sins con-sequences.  A sinful spouse that becomes involved in doing drugs,  drinking  liquor, cheating of  his/her  mate,  stealing,  lying,  and  killing  is doing nothing  more than destroying  his home and  his  heart.  Sin  brings  division  in  the home.  Sin  is the cause of the sharp, critical biting words. Sins is the cause of lies and deception. Sin is the cause of separation and divorce. In  fact, nothing good can be said about sin. The only remedy for sin is to confess and forsake it.  First, you must  confess your sin to a Holy God.  I John 1:9  states that,  "If  we confess our sins,  He is  faithful and  just  to  forgive  us  our  sins,  and  to  cleanse  us from  all  unrighteousness". Second,  you must confess your sin to your wife or husband.  You  must  sincerely and genuinely confess your faults as quickly as possible.  We must immediately  do as Colossians 3:13  instructs us to do:  "Forbearing  one another, and  forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you,  so also do  ye".  Confession should be done as  quickly as possible to prevent further dam-age  to your  marriage.  Remember, if  you would  Develop A  Strong  Marriage you must  have A  Commitment  To Avoid  An  Involvement  In Sin.

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