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Marital Moments


For the past  several weeks I have  focused on the  thought of "Potholes  On  The Marital  Highway".  I  have looked at several subjects centered  around the  mar-riage of  Rachel and Jacob found in the book of Genesis. I  will finish my study on this subject with this  extremely  painful and difficult thought: The Forgotten God. In Genesis chapter 28, Jacob has a major encounter with God.  You  will recall the passage  often refered  to as Jacob's  ladder.  There he experiences God in an awe-some  way  and  there he  makes some  profound  promises to God.  However, the next  20  years of Jacob's life goes quickly by with hardly a mention of his relation-ship with God.  Chapter 31 gives  the command by  God to return unto the land of his fathers  and  kindred.  Sadly, this  long absence  from the presence of God  has caused  Jacob's family to become involved with idols, strange gods  and  sexual im-morality.  His  beloved  wife Rachel  has stolen  her father's idols (Gen. 31:34).  In Genesis 35:2  Jacob  commands his  family to put  away the strange  gods  from a-mong  them. Perhaps  Jacob and  Rachel's marriage  and  home would  have  been much different if they had  only included God in  all their thoughts and plans.  Per-haps their children would have turned out differently if they had  lived before them in an holy and godly manner.  Jacob and  Rachel are just like  so many  parents to-day.  They were to involved with the pursuit of material things to become involved in the life  of their children.  They were to caught up in  themselves and the  things that  made them happy than to have been  a godly parent and a proper  role model. Without  God in one's life there  is no  anchor and security for the soul.  Life's  de-cisions  are  made on  the fickle bases of human reasoning and societal  influences. Disaster is the logical  outcome to a life lived without  God and His word.  Dedicat-ed and consistent obedience to God is the parent's only  hope.  Godliness must  be- come the norm rather than the exception.  Bible reading and prayer must be a daily part  of your life  if you  expect  to raise godly children and influence  them in their walk with  God.  Faithful church attendance and worship  will go a long  way in se-curing  your  family  in an  unsecured world.  Remember,  if you would  avoid  the many "Potholes On The Marital Highway", then you must without fail keep God in  both your  heart and  home.

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