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Marital Moments

The  topic  for this  Martial Moments  will  be  "Developing A Strong Marriage". The  main  goal  of  every  married  person  must  be  to  make  their  marriage  as  strong as possible.  Your home will only be as strong as your weakest area.  Sadly,  to  many  marriages tend t o focus on everything  but the  security and  stability  of  their  home.  Strengthening  the home  must  be  a  top  priority.  In  an  age  when  families are falling apart  and marriages  are divorcing,  you  and  I  must  major  in the  things that  are important. We  must focus  on the  things  that are  meaningful and  helpful  in  the home.  This  will  take  commitment on our  part  to  focus  on the  areas that  need strengthening.  The  Biblical  text  will  be  select  verses  from Genesis,  chapters  one and  two.  This  important topic will take  several  weeks to complete.  Let's  begin  with this thought:  To  Develop  A  Strong  Marriage,  you must have a Commitment To Fulfill God's Plan and Purpose.  In  Genesis 2:18  the Bible states that,  "It is not good that the man should be alone".   Up to this point in the  Bible everything  God  had done  He  declared  it  good.  The  first time  a "not good"  came  from  a  Holy  God  was  in  relationship  to  the  loneliness  of  man.  Therefore, we  glean from  this  verse  that  it is God's  plan  and  purpose  that His created beings  become married and that they have  someone with whom  they  can share  their  life.   Because  of  this  void  in  Adam's   life,  God  created  Eve  and brought  her unto Him.  God's  intelligent design  readily  recognized  that  marriage was  the  best  possible situation for  man  and woman.  In  every way  imaginable,  a  loving  and  stable  marriage  is  better  than  being  alone  in  life.  (1) Physically, marriage is  better for mankind. Generally speak-ing, the  married person has  better health.  They tend to live  longer and  to have a better quality of  life.   (2) Mentally the married  couple  enjoys more benefits. They  have  someone  to talk  with  and  someone with whom to  share their thoughts and feelings.  They are  able  to  share life's  problems,  pleasures, and  pressures  with someone who  cares.   Ecclesiastes 4:9-12   has  some  wise  advice for  the  husband and  the  wife.  There  the  Bible states  that,  "Two are better than one; because  they have  a good  reward for their labour.  For if they fall,  the one will lift up his fellow: but  woe to him  that is alone when he falleth;  for he hath not another to help him up.  Again, if  two lie together, then they have heat:  but  how can one  be warm alone?  And if one prevail  against him,  two  shall  withstand  him;  and  a threefold  cord is not quickly broken".   (3) Financially, the married couple  is better equipped.  It  is tough to meet the financial demands on one income.  Two working individuals are often better able to meet the financial  requirements of the home than the single income  family.  (4) Socially, the husband and wife are much  better off then their single counterparts.  They are able to develop  life  long  friendships that  enable them to  function  better in the  social realm.  To  often the single  person seems  either  to be  left  out or  she  feels  like  an  intruder.   To  Develop  A  Strong Marriage  you  must  make  a full and com-plete  Commitment To Fulfill  God's  Plan  and  Purpose  for your  life  and  home. Without this commitment, you will  never  invest the  time and  effort  into  making your  home the great and awesome place  God intends  for it  to be.

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