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Marital Moments

As we continue to think about "Pothole's On The Marital Highway", let's look at a very difficult and trying problem that faces many couples.  Debt  is a painful  and hurtful  dilemma that  takes a  huge toil  on  the marriage.  In Genesis 29:18  Jacob obligates himself  to work for seven years for Rachel.  This arrangement eventually turned out to be fourteen long, hard years of  his life.  I use that thought to say that it is easy for you to obligate yourself for years  in advance in order to obtain some- thing  you  need or  think  you need.  Many times  your obligation is important and needful. Very  few individuals  would ever own a home if they did not go into debt in  order to obtain it.  The  same is true of an  automobile.  However, many of  the things  you purchase on credit  are either unnecessary or unwise.  They only create more problems and  saddle you  with  more debt  then you are able to pay.  There-fore, you find yourself deeply into debt  with little to show for the vast amount you owe.   Proverbs 22:7 states that, "The borrower is servant to the lender".  Debt is a bondage.  It  hinders your goals and  dreams.  It  causes  you to lose sleep, to work more, and  to  postpone other  important family needs.  Debt  can create tension in the  marriage.  It is a huge reason for divorce  in America today.  Many  times debt occurs  because  a job  is lost or you  experience  a prolonged  sickness.  However, most  debt is  the result of bad  decisions  and poor  planning on one's part.  If you find  yourself  deeply in debt,  let me suggest some  simple things  you might do  to reduce or eliminate your debt load. (1) Determine To Get Out Of Debt.  You will never do anything about  the difficulty you are in until you  make a simple yet wise decision to get out of debt. (2) Learn How To Live On A Budget.  You must live within your income and avoid over spending.   Don't purchase useless and needless things on credit.  A simple budget  will help you track your  finances and determine a  correct  course  of  action  to control  your  spending.  (3) Control Your Credit Cards.  Perhaps few things  have caused more debt  then  the readily available and abundant credit card.  Instead of being a tool to be used they have become a mast-er  to be  served.  Determine  to pay  off any and  all credit  card  debt.  If possible lower the amount of interest you pay on the card each month.  Pay more  than just the minimum amount.  Perhaps the best and wisest thing you can do is to get rid of all  credit cards  and pay cash for all your purchases. (4) Seek Credit Counseling. Many  times  this  is  the only  course of  action  for  those who seem  unwilling or unable to control their spending.   A credit  counselor can often contact your credi-tor  and  work out a more  favorable payment plan  that is suitable for you and  the company you owe.  This is vitally important.  Both  husband and wife  must  work to  reduce their  debt  load and  they must work together to avoid the temptation to spend  more than their  income allows.  Woe be unto the marriage that fails to con-trol the finances in the home.  It is a killer for the peace, security, and the future of the home.  Do all that is in your power  to become debt free as quickly as possible.

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