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Marital Moments

In this final segment on listening,  I want each of  us to understand  this great truth: "Listening Builds Trust With The Speaker" .   When the husband takes the time to listen honestly and completely to his wife, then he has established a great degree of trust with her.  Where there is trust  there is freedom  to open completely the heart and  to lay all  issues on  the table.  Only then can true  and  meaningful  commun-ication take place. Trust is to communication what the heart is to the body: without it the  relationship dies.  When  I am listened too  without interruption, criticism, or rejection, I feel that my views are important, my issues have validity, and my heart is accepted.   Therefore, trust is the bond that  holds the marriage together through thick and thin.  Trust is a shelter,  an anchor, and a safe harbor from the storms of life that would destroy.   Trust is the elastic that allows the  marriage to stretch and expand, but  yet  pulls each other back together again.   Trust  is the  contract  that stands as a binding agreement of each other's love and commitment.  Without trust the  marriage will  grow stagnant  at best and  dissolve at worse.   When you  listen sincerely to your mate you establish a strong bond of trust.  Remember: "Listening Builds Trust With The Speaker".

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