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Marital Moments

For the past several weeks I have focused on the thought of  Peace In The Home. I am building this topic around the  Biblical passage found in  Philippians 4:7.  That great verse declares, "And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your  hearts  and  minds through  Christ  Jesus".  This  Marital  Moment  will continue  the study on  Peace In The Home  by examining this important  thought: If you would have Peace In The Home, then you must Meet The Needs Of Your Family.  In  Philippians 4:16, Paul states that the Church at Philippi had been help-ful  in  meeting his needs. The  Bible says that, "For even  in Thessalonica  ye sent once and  again  unto my necessity".   The  Apostle  Paul was  lacking in finances.  The Philippian Church had helped him on at least two occasions by  their generous gifts.  Paul is now thanking them for their thoughtfulness and kindness.  This verse teaches us that everyone has needs.  Also,  it  instructs us  that  no single individual can meet all his needs  by himself.  Everyone  must have help occasionally to meet the physical,  emotional, social, and  spiritual needs that arise in his or her life. The family is no different.  There are needs that the  husband,  wife, and  children have that are unique and special.  Friends and extended family members can meet  some of  those needs  but the  responsibility  lies mainly with the immediate family struc-ture. Husbands  and  wives are to meet the special needs of each other.  You  must always be attentive and available to your spouse in order to recognize and meet the needs  of  their life.  These  important needs must  never be overlooked, delegated, or ignored.  Unmet needs create  frustration and division.  The  parents are to meet the  needs  of  the  children. You  are  to  nurture them,  love them,  support them, comfort, teach, and  discipline them. Mom and Dad need to spent both quality and quantity time with their children.  Paul  mentions an  important word in  Phil. 4:18. He uses the word  "sacrifice"  in describing the  gift  that they sent to him. Anytime we meet another's need it is a sacrifice on our part.  It will  cost us something.  We must have a willingness to become  involved and to do things that  are difficult and perhaps  out of our comfort zone.  We must  sacrifice our time,  energy, and often our own  needs in order to meet the needs of other family members. Whatever  the cost, we must do all  that  we can  to  meet the  needs  of our  husband / wife  and children.  Notice  two tremendous  truths associated with meeting needs.  (1) Verse eighteen:  It is,  "Well pleasing unto God".  God  is happy when we meet the needs of  those we love.  (2) Verse nineteen: "God  will supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus".  You  reap what  you sow.  Whenever you put the  needs of others  above  yourself,  you  almost always  get your  needs  met  in return.  Even  if  you  don't,  there  is  the simple  reward and  pleasure  in  helping someone along life's way. That makes the journey worth everything. Remember, if you  would  have  Peace  In  The  Home  then  you  must  Meet  The  Needs  Of Your  Family

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