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Marital Moments

I  will finish  my topic on  Peace In The Home.  It is important  once  again that  I give the text verse found in Philippians 4:7. "And the peace of God, which  passeth all understanding, shall  keep your  hearts  and minds  through Christ Jesus."   This final  Marital  Moment on  Peace In The  Home  will  focus  on  this  thought: De-termine  To  Be  Happy.  Notice Philippians 4:4, "Rejoice in the Lord always: and again  I say  rejoice".  The word  "rejoice"  means to  be cheerful  or  happy.  God wants  His children to  have a  joyful heart.  He wants  us to rejoice.  This  joy,  or happiness, is  independent of  our  surroundings or circumstances.  It  is an  inward joy. A  joy  that  comes from above,  invades our hearts,  and  spills  over  into our lives. It  infects others with  its contagious spirit.  A  joy that not only fills our heart but also fills our  homes.  A  joy  that is normal rather than being abnormal.  A  joy that  is not  hypocritical but genuine.  A  joy that is a  way of life  for you and your family.  I  sincerely believe that there would be more  Peace In The Home if there were more joy,  laughter,  and  playfulness among the  family members. You must not  wait until  everything is  perfect to enjoy life.  You  will  never experience per-fection in anything,  especially  the home.  Start today  practicing the wonderful art of being joyful and rejoicing in the Lord.  Start rejoicing over the many things your family does each day. Stop focusing on the  negative things and begin  immediately to rejoice and be  thankful for all the good things you have in life.  Remember  this important thought:  a negative person rarely enjoys the moments that come  to him in  life.  He  almost  always  is  complaining and  gripping  about  things  large  and small.  A  scowling face,  angry words,  bad attitudes,  and  critical  comments  de-stroy both  heart and  home.  Determine to be happy.  Determine to  rejoice in  the Lord.  Abraham  Lincoln  once  said, "Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be".  What an awesome statement.  Life is what you make out of it. You can chose to be happy or to be grumpy.  Happiness  naturally lends itself to several other wonderful traits. Out of a happy life flows encouragement, praise, ac-ceptance, enthusiasm,  kindness, appreciation, and friendship. These  things should characterized  your life  rather than  being  know for  your  rudeness.  You  always reap  what you  sow.  When you  smile  others  smile  back  at  you.  A kind  word usually reaps a kind  word in response.   A good deed almost always returns to you many times over.  Cheerfulness brings happiness to others with whom you come in contact.  Let others  see and  hear  the  joyful  heart you have. Keep in mind that a joyful heart comes from being in a right relationship with Christ.  Make certain that you  have accepted  Christ as your  Savior and  that you are going to heaven when your life is  over.  Take care  of  this important  task  today.  You will never regret your  decision  to  follow  Christ.  Remember:  if  you  will  have  Peace  In  Your Home,  then  Determine  To  Be Happy.

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