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Marital Moments

The  marriage of  Rachel and  Jacob was filled  with many difficult  and trying pro-blems.   I have look at  some of those painful times in past Marital Moments.  This lesson will deal  with the "Extended Family"  that  they had  to deal  with  in their home.  If  there was  ever a marriage that  had unusual family  members it was the marriage of Jacob and Rachel. For Jacob to introduce his children to others was an interesting situation.  Yours, mine, and ours did not come close to telling the whole story  about  this soap opera marriage.  Keeping  up with  which  child  belonged to which mother was a difficult chore.  Today's  family is  confronted with more  un-usual  family members  then  ever before.  Along with sister and  brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles, Grandmother and Grandfathers,  now there are step children, ex-husbands and ex-wives,  unwed  teenage mothers,  multiple  sets  of  grandparents, and  blinded families.  How do you  deal with the vast, extended  family  situations that we  have  today?   Allow me to offer some  advice and hopefully some help to those who  are confronted with this difficult, and sometimes painful,  situation.  (1) Live The  Life That Is  Before You.  Many things in life you cannot change. This may not be your ideal situation but do the best you can.  It may not be the life you dreamed  about or one  that you would have  chosen  but you can't  run  away and hide.  Determine to make the best of it.  Have a good positive  mental attitude.  (2) If Possible,  Be At  Peace With Others.   Romans 12:18 states, "If it be possible, as  much as  lieth in you, live  peaceably with all  men".   Not  everyone  wants  or desires  peace.  Some people  are determined to live  their life in  anger,  bitterness, and  unforgiveness.  The  things they say and  do will  disappointment you,  and  if possible, disturb your life as well.  However,  determine to  dwell in peace  if at  all possible. Learn to overlook,  forgive, and  ignore whenever you can.  Peace some-times  can only be achieved with distance.  You  may have  to  move away from  a painful  situation.  (3) Seek  To Create  Change  In Their  Lives.   Try  to  mend broken relationships.  Look  for  the  positives in  others  instead  of the  negatives. Pray  for God to  change their  hearts and  situations as  well as praying for God to change  you.  (4) View The  Extended  Family  As A Ministry.  You may be the only God they see and hear.  You may  be the  instrument that God uses to change the heart  and life of someone who  is deeply troubled.  Let them see Christ in you. (5) Build A Strong Relationship With God.  Make certain that Bible reading is a constant  and daily part  of your life.  Have a dedicated pray life.  Remember,  that prayer changes  things.  Be a  faithful  member of a good ,  Bible believing Church. Develop  excellent  Christian friends that can help encourage you  and hold you ac-countable for  your life.  Listen to good wholesome music.  Life will not always be easy  but you can always trust  God  for your life  and  the life  of  all your  family members.

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