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Marital Moments

Today's  Marital Moment  will focus on  this  important truth:  If  you  would have Peace  In  The Home,  then you must Surround  Your Home With Good  And Godly Influences.  Let's  look  once  again  at  our  text  verse  for  these  lessons. Philippians 4:7 states,  "And the  peace of  God,  which  passeth all  understanding, shall  keep your hearts and  minds through Christ Jesus".  I  don't know  about you but  peace is  very important  both to  me and  to  my home.  Philippians 4:8  gives us our  thought  for today  when it says,  "Whatsoever things are true,  whatsoever things are honest,  whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely,  what-soever  things are of  good report;  if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise think on these things".   The Bible knows an extremely important truth:  The things you allow  in your  life influences the  way you think  in  your heart.  The way you think influences the things you do. And the things you do influences others.  If you put  garbage  in your  heart  then  you get  garbage back out of  it.  If you put good things in  your mind and  heart then  you get  good things in return.  The things we allow in out heart and  life deeply influence the home and everyone in it. Therefore it is of  primary importance that we  put good and  godly things in our heart so that we can  in turn  put excellent  things in our homes. Your  home will  never rise any higher than the content of your heart.  If your heart is filled with  sinful and  lustful thoughts then your home will be influenced by these terrible thoughts.  If you think on  whatsoever things are true,  honest,  just,  pure,  lovely,  and  of a good  report then  your home will reap the  benefits of an  awesome  and wholesome  life-style. Even  if you are  the only one thinking  and  acting upon these  thoughts then  your home will be improved and blessed.  It would be far better for  all members of  the family to practice godly living, but if not,  then you must  do your best  to promote these  things  in  your  heart and home.  You  must  constantly  ask yourself  some simple yet profound questions:  Does this action build up my home or  destroy  my home?  Does this encourage my walk with Christ or discourage it?  Am I better for doing  this or  worse for doing this?  Does this honor  Christ or  Satan?  Do the TV programs help or  hurt my family?  Ask the same questions about the  movies  you see,  the Internet you surf,  the magazines and books you read.  Perhaps  you need to control  or curtail  some of  the  programs and  movies you  watch.  Reduce  the amount of time you  spend on the computer and guard carefully the sites you  visit on the Internet.  You may need to cancel your subscription to some magazines that are not conducive to Christian  living.   However,  it is not enough just to get rid of the wrong things,  you  must replace  them with good  and godly  influences.   You need to place good and wholesome things both in your life and  before your family. By all means read the  Bible daily.  Meditate  upon it at all times.  Also, place good books  and  magazines in  your  home and  encourage your  family  to  read  them. Along with  these things  you can add good music,  good entertainment,  and  good movies.  You  can  control the  influences of  people  by  the  company  you keep. Choose good friends.  Godly  people  who will  encourage your  walk  with Christ. Never let anyone lead you astray from God by their ungodly life-style. Remember, if  you  would  have  Peace In The Home  then you must Surround Your Home With Good and Godly Influences.

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