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Marital Moments

I want to continue our discussion on the topic of "Peace In The Home".  Our text verse,  Philippians 4:7,  states,  "And  the peace of  God  which  passeth  all under-standing shall keep  your hearts and  minds  through Christ Jesus".   As  previously noted I believe that you will have  Peace In The Home  when you Put God First, when you  Focus On The Really Important Things,  and when you Release The Past.  This  Marital Moment  will focus on this important thought:  To have Peace In The Home  you must Reduce The Conflict In The Home.   In Philippians 4:2 there were  two women in the  Church who were  having  conflict in their  relation-ship.  Sadly  their conflict seemed to have  spilled over into the Church.  The Bible implores them to  "Be  of the same  mind in the  Lord".   The words  "same mind" means  to  be  in agreement.  They  had  their differences,  perhaps jealous,  envy, anger,  or harsh  words that had  marred and  scarred  their  unity.  The  writer  of Philippians  does not take sides  in the disagreement.  However,  he does appeal  to the  highest  motive  by  encouraging  them  to be  of  one  mind  in  the Lord.  No marriage  is without  conflict.  Each  home  will  face  its  days  of  trouble and dif-ficult. We all see things differently,  we all think differently,  and we all come from different  backgrounds.  Therefore  we find  that  when  difficult and  trying  times come we often take our disappointments,  anger,  and bitterness  out on our family members.  Simple discussion  soon  becomes  full  blown  arguments  that  lead  to screaming, fighting,  ignoring,  and  pouting.  These "heated discussions"  not  only destroy the peace in your home but they affect your children, job, health, and your relationship.  You  must do as the Bible states,  "Be of the same mind in the Lord". Do not  allow  conflict  to destroy  the peace in your home.  Guard  your heart and your home and never allow problems and  difficulties to rob you  of this peace that passeth  understanding.  Since conflict is  a part of all  marriages  I want  to  take a moment  to  give  you  some  thoughts  on  how  to  resolve  conflict in  the home. (1) Communication.  Take  the time  to talk through  the problems that come  your way.  Discuss  them in  an  open and  kind  manner.  Never allow the communica-tion  process  to  result  in  arguments  and  fights.  (2)  Commitment.  A  steadfast commitment  to  solve the problem.  You should  do more than  just talk about the conflict.  You must commit yourself to solving the problem.  A strong commitment will  help you  to focus  on  the problem,  to decide on  a course of action,  and  to establish  obtainable  goals that  will  assure you of success.  (3) Counseling.  Some problems may not  be solvable without  professional  counseling.  If your conflict is continuing  in spite of  all  your efforts, then  you should seek  professional  help in dealing  with your problems.  (4)  Christ.  One of  the best ways to solve  problems is  to consult  with  the Creator.  Let Christ be a managing  partner in  your  home. Give Christ full control of your life,  your  heart,  and  your home.  You  can  only have  lasting  peace when you have Christ.  He is the  Prince of Peace.  He  is  the only  One  that  can  give  peace to  troubled  hearts.  Pray to  Him daily.  Ask  His counsel and advice on how to conduct your home.  As a family you  should have a time daily  to pray  unto God.  It  is extremely difficult,  if not impossible,  to be  at odds with your spouse and children when you are regularly and continually praying with  them.  Remember,  if  you  would  have  "Peace  In The Home"  then  you must  Reduce  The  Conflict  In  The Home.  

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