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Marital Moment

The main topic of our study is centered around the thought of "Have You Left Your First Love".  The text verse is found in Revelation 2:4 where Christ sadly says to a Church, "Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love".  The Christians in that Church had slowly over time drifted away from that vibrant and exciting love that they had for the Savior.  I seek to make this verse an application for the married couple.  Over time their love for each other has slowly eroded until they no longer enjoy the thrill and excitement of their first love.  I have given you three things so far in this study: Remember Your First Love, Remember Your Promises, and Remember Your Investment.    In this Marital Moment I will observe the fourth thought: Remember Your Failures. Rev. 2:5 Christ instructs them to "Remember therefore from whence thou are fallen".  When you sense your love growing cold toward each other, it does you good to take inventory of your life and see where you have failed.   There are no perfect people and therefore, no perfect marriages.  Each person not only has a sin nature, but they live in a sinful world. It does you good sometimes to reflect on the areas of your life in which you have fallen short.  Take a good honest look at your marriage.   Have you been too busy to spend the proper time with your mate?  Have your children taken all your attention away from each other?  Do your friends and extended family members consume most if not all of your energy?  Are financial difficulties strangling your relationship? Is it entertainment, sports, activities, or careers that is destroying your marriage?  Have you taken each other for granted?  Perhaps you have become so busy building a house that you forgot to build a home? These failures can rob you of that deep and awesome love that was once yours in days gone by. You need to stop and Remember The Failures in you life and do all that you can to remedy them.  Without unselfish and unending love your marriage will deteriorate until it becomes nothing more than two individuals sharing  a house instead of a home.

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