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Marital Moments
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TOMMY CRIDER I  began Heart and  Home ministries  because  I felt that  the  name  accurately expressed  my  ministry  philosophy.   My  main purpose  in life is to preach the gospel of  Christ.  This I do by  taking the word  of  God  and appealing to the “heart” of man.   The  gospel  of Christ is the only thing  that will  redeem  the heart  of man and  enable  him to reach heaven  when this life  is over. A constantly growing part of  my ministry is  addressing  the needs of  the  family. That  is where the  word  "Home” enters the picture.  Therefore, my ministry con-sists of  preaching to the heart and teaching  to the home. This is God’s  goal and purpose  for  my  life.  I  seek  to  honor God  as  I  proclaim  his  word either  to Churches  across  the  land or to homes around the corner. I am  sincere  when  I say that  if our homes  were  to be revived  then  our churches would  immediately reap the benefits of  spiritual families.  The Church  and  the  family are  intricately woven together and  the helping or hurting of either one can drastically  affect  the other.

After pastoring the Maranatha  Baptist  Church in  Calhoun, Georgia for over thir-teen years, I resigned to devote my total attention to  preaching the gospel.  I have had the  wonderful  privilege of preaching  in many Churches and  conducting  re-vival  meetings in  several states. God has opened many doors of opportunity and I have  experienced the presence of God in my life and preaching more that I ever have before.  I have had the joy of seeing many come to Christ and I have had the thrill of  watching  them grow  in the Lord.

For  many years  now I  have made  myself available to  pastors and  layman who sense the need for additional help in  encouraging and  helping  the families in their churches.  This  is  usually  done  through  a  Couple’s Retreat  or  a  Family  Life Conference  at the local  Church.  My wife and  I usually begin  on a  Friday night from 7:00  to  9:00 PM.  with the couples of  the Church.  Saturday morning from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM is also set aside for continuing the seminar on the home.  If the pastor desires it,  I  will be willing to preach in the Church on Sunday morning and evening on the subject of the home.  This schedule has  proven to  be accept-able to most  pastors and  Churches.  However  Mary  Lynn and  I can do as little or as  much as is desired.  We are very flexible.

 I  sincerely thank God that He counted me  worthy  putting  me  into the ministry. This calling  that God  has given  me has been the  most  wonderful period  of my life.  Together,  my wife and I  have had  the  awesome  privilege of  meeting  hun-dreds of  great  Christians and  sharing with  them  the  glorious  gospel  of  Jesus Christ.  What an  honor God  has bestowed  upon us.